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“The Bridge on the River Kwai”

Julie Summers

Author Julie Summers discusses her grandfather Philip Toosey who was the model for the character played by Sir Alex Guinness in the famous 1957 film.

Stanley Kubrick

Vincent Lobrutto School of Visual Arts

School of visual arts teacher, and film historian, Vincent Lobrutto discusses his biography of seminal American film director Stanley Kubrick.

Escape From Dubai

Herve Jaubert

Former French Spy Herve Jaubert discuses his book “Escape from Dubai” about his time in Dubai and eventual escape. He then goes on to detail the dramatic attempted escape from Dubai of Princess Latifa which he coordinated. Latifa is the daughter of the ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

Carnegie, Hearst, Kennedy

Professor David Nasaw CUNY

Acclaimed best-selling author David Nasaw discusses his books on Andrew Carnegie, William Randolph Hearst, and Joe Kennedy.

The Majesty of the Mayans

Dr. Richard Hansen University of Utah

Dr. Hansen is the Chief Archeologist of the Mayan site of El Mirador in Guatemala. He discusses his groundbreaking discoveries which proved the Mayans were far more advanced at an earlier time, called the Preclassic period, then had been previously known.

The Rosenstrasse Protest

Nathan Stoltzfus Florida State University

Arguably the most successful spontaneous protest in Nazi Germany. This unique protest in February and March of 1943 in Berlin resulted in the release of thousands of Jews by Nazi Germany who were married to Christians.

The Clintons & Politics

Dick Morris

Bill Clinton’s former most influential advisor discusses his times with, and observations of, both Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Winston Churchill’s Life

Allen Packwood

The Director of the Churchill Archives discusses the life of Winston Churchill and the strategic decisions he made in WW2.

On Buddhism

Professor Robert Thurman Columbia University

Professor Thurman discusses his understanding of Buddhism in the interview and why he is such a strong believer. He also discusses the current situation in Tibet and what he sees for the future there, and why he is optimistic.