Escape From Dubai

Herve Jaubert

Intelligent Talk’s Eye on Dubai exclusive interview with Herve Jaubert. This interview with Jaubert takes listeners behind the gleaming buildings of Dubai and ostensible modern ways of the country. Jaubert is a former French Intelligence Officer. He was recruited to go to Dubai to build small submarines which could then be used by visiting tourists. The tourism industry is key to Dubai and Sheikh Mohammed is largely responsible for the building spree in his country.

While in Dubai, Mr. Jaubert witnessed numerous instances of corruption. His refusal to participate in the malfeasance he witnessed led to what is widely believed to be trumped up charges against him.

Dubai is governed by Sharia Law, this is Islamic law as interpreted by religious figures. Under Dubai Sharia law, for example, a husband is allowed to strike his wife. Jaubert’s entanglement with the Dubai legal system forced him to make an escape from the country in disguise.

The second part of the interview details his attempt to help Princess Latifa, the daughter of Dubai’s ruler, herself escape from Dubai. Jaubert goes into specific details not previously reported in other publications.

The plan was to bring Princess Latifa out on Jaubert’s sailboat. However, off the coast of India, they were intercepted by five large Indian Coast Guard ships and a total of 500 men. He believes the plan was to sink his sailboat and kill everyone on board. Jaubert says he was saved by his ability to send satellite messages from his ship to friends and family.

The interview concludes with Jaubert giving the reasons why he thinks the leader of Dubai would be willing to harm his own daughter. He also mentions that other members of sheikh Mohammed’s family have been forcibly kidnapped too, including a sister of Princess Latifa. That case of possible kidnapping from English soil is now being investigated by British authorities.

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Also, please note a correction: Dubai and Qatar are both Sunni Islamic countries. Sunni Islam is the dominant form of Islam in most of the Muslim world.