Operation Garbo

Nigel West

Nigel West discusses his most famous books in this interview. This includes his discussion of how he uncovered the identity of arguably the most important spy of World War II, Juan Pujol Garcia.

Garcia, known as “Garbo” by British Intelligence for his prolific acting ability, was one of the most important reasons why Adolf Hitler was convinced the D Day landings were to take place at Calais rather then Normandy where they occurred. This belief was a decisive reason for the allied victory on D Day in June 6, 1944. West searched for Garcia for 12 years before finding him in Venezuela and arranging his receipt of an award at Buckingham Palace.

West also discusses other important spies including one crucial to the British Victory at El Alamein, the highly secret Venona Intercepts by the United States of Soviet Communications during the Cold War (which revealed that the famous spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were in fact guilty); and other fascinating facts.

Please note the interview ends abruptly with the last 30 seconds missing due to a technical glitch.