The Clintons & Politics

Dick Morris

Dick Morris started advising Bill Clinton in 1978 when he first ran for Governor of Arkansas. A New Yorker who graduated from Manhattan’s elite public school Stuyvesant, and then Columbia University, Morris provided counsel to Clinton for nearly twenty years. George Stephanopoulos famously wrote that nobody had more influence on Clinton. A 1996 Time Magazine Cover affirmed that too describing him as the man who has “Clinton’s Ear” even though he had no official White House title.

Morris shares with listeners the range of advice he provided to Clinton from the invasion of Haiti, to the famous concept of “triangulation” he developed (best ideas from both parties) after losses sustained by the Democrats in 1994. He also discusses his insights, and opinions, into the characters of both the Clintons.

In addition, he discusses other political consulting he did, including the election of Vincente Fox as President of Mexico. Fox was the first opposition President to be elected since 1910, and the first to defeat the formidable PRI which dominates Mexican politics.

He concludes by describing the reasons Donald Trump was elected President in 2016, for which he accurately predicted.

Morris was kind enough, after the interview, to write to Intelligent Talk via e mail that the interview was “amazing” and “spanned my career and distilled the most important topics” in the questions asked.