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Transplant Triumph

Donald Mcrae

A discussion of the race by four surgeons to be the first person to transplant a human heart. The race was won by Dr. Christiaan Barnard of South Africa in 1967.

George F. Kennan

Grace Kennan Warnecke

George F. Kennan was arguably the most important US diplomat of the 20th Century. His daughter discusses his life in her new book.

FDR’s Shadow War

Mark Wortman

Author Mark Wortman discusses his acclaimed book "1941 The Shadow War" about President Franklin Roosevelt’s efforts to deter Japan and fight Hitler prior to Pearl Harbor.

The Rat Line

Gerald Steinacher

Historian Gerald Steinacher discusses his book “Nazi’s On The Run” about how so many German war criminals escaped Europe following WW 2.

Music & Memories

David Amram

Composer, performer, and jazz great David Amram discusses his life and memories of some of the top artists of the 20th Century.

Monroe, Sinatra, Hamilton, Madame Claude, King Farouk

William Stadiem

Author William Stadiem discusses the highlights of some of his most popular and bestselling books.

The Life of Howard Hughes

Geoff Schumacher

Author Geoff Schumacher discusses his book Howard Hughes : Power, Paranoia & Palace Intrigue about Howard Hughes.

Nixon & Trump

James Robenalt

James Robenalt discusses his book “January 1973” and discusses similarities between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

Tiananmen Square Massacre

Dr. Timothy Brook

Dr. Timothy Brook discusses his book "Quelling The People" about the June 4th, 1989 killing of thousands of students in, and around, Tianmen Square in Beijing, China.