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Nixon & Trump James Robenalt

James Robenalt discusses his book “January 1973” and discusses similarities between Richard Nixon and Donald Trump.

Tiananmen Square Massacre Professor Timothy Brook University of British Columbia

Dr. Timothy Brook discusses his book "Quelling The People" about the June 4th, 1989 killing of thousands of students in, and around, Tianmen Square in Beijing, China.

FDR’s Shadow War Mark Wortman

Author Mark Wortman discusses his acclaimed book "1941 The Shadow War" about President Franklin Roosevelt’s efforts to deter Japan and fight Hitler prior to Pearl Harbor.

The Eichmann Abduction Avner Avraham

The Israeli Abduction of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann in 1960 in Argentina, and subsequent trial, is one of the most famous events of the 20th Century. Former Mossad Agent Avner Avraham has had access to the extensive file on the case and shares new information in this revealing interview.

Escape From Alcatraz Ken Widner

Ken Widner is the nephew of Clarence and John Anglin who, along with Frank Morris, escaped from America’s most secure prison Alcatraz in 1962. In this interview, Ken makes the case that his relative’s survived the famous escape and may still be alive today.

The Clintons & Politics Dick Morris

Bill Clinton’s former most influential advisor discusses his times with, and observations of, both Bill and Hillary Clinton. He then turns to Trump and the 2016 election.

Carnegie, Hearst, Kennedy Professor David Nasaw CUNY

Acclaimed best-selling author David Nasaw discusses his books on Andrew Carnegie, William Randolph Hearst, and Joe Kennedy.

The National Security Agency James Bamford

NSA expert and author James Bamford describes the workings of America’s most secret agency.

View From The Top Investing Legend Jim Rogers Discusses Investments

Legendary investor Jim Rogers discusses his contrarian view of the stock market and the state of the world today.

The Taking Of k-129 Josh Dean

The true story of the CIA’s top secret plan to raise a sunken Soviet submarine.