Monroe, Sinatra, Hamilton, Madame Claude, King Farouk

William Stadiem

William Stadiem, from North Carolina, is a graduate of both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School. He left a prestigious legal job at a large law firm to pursue a career in writing.

Stadiem has written several screenplays and was a columnist for Andy Warhol’s “Interview” magazine, in addition to writing for “Vanity Fair” and other publications. He has authored 13 books.

In this interview he begins by discussing his book “Marilyn Monroe Confidential” written with Monroe’s maid. Her troubled life is discussed and who her true loves were.

Stadiem then discusses his book on King Farouk of Egypt. Farouk was overthrown in 1952 by a military coup. He later died under mysterious circumstances in Rome in 1965. His overthrow led Gamal Abdul Nasser to power who inspired the Arab nationalist movement.

Next the life of George Hamilton is discussed. Stadiem wrote a book with Hamilton and details his interesting life.

Such figures as Elvis Presley’s manager Col Parker are discussed. Other friends include Cary Grant, Imelda Marcos, and General Douglas MacArthur’s son Arthur.

The discussion then turns to Madame Claude and his book on her life.

Madame Claude ran a Paris based escort service that, at its height in the 60s and 70s, had an unmatched rolodex of clients. Some of these clients included President John F. Kennedy, Colonel Khadafy of Libya, The Shah of Iran, Jean Paul Gettty, Frank Sinatra, and many others. She had approximately 400 woman working for her.

Stadiem, who got to know Madame Claude well through many interviews, takes the listeners inside her world and discusses some of her amazing stories.

The interview closes with a discussion of the life of Frank Sinatra as told by his longtime friend and valet George Jacobs to Stadiem.

Jacobs was one of Sinatra’s closest friends for many years before being abruptly fired for being photographed dancing with Sinatra’s wife Mia Farrow.