The Battle of Jutland

Nick Jellicoe

The Battle of Jutland took place off the coast of Denmark between May 31st and June 1st, 1916. It was the most important naval battle of WW1. Had the United Kingdom lost its Naval Fleet during the battle, it could not have continued the crucial blockade of Germany.

In this interview, Nick Jellicoe the author of “Jutland : The Unfinished Battle” discusses the actions of his grandfather, Admiral John Jellicoe, who was the leader of the British Fleet during the battle.

Admiral Jellicoe, who had superior naval forces versus the Germans, was criticized for not pursuing the German ships after they withdrew following a fierce battle. Mr. Jellicoe discusses why his grandfather made the decisions he did, and what the orders and priorities that were given to Admiral Jellicoe prior to the battle starting. He also discusses the battle, and the German strategy to lure part of the British Fleet out first ahead of the main Fleet.

Mr. Jellicoe’s website is where more information may be found on this key naval engagement.