Jeannette Watson Sanger

The host of Intelligent Talk interviews his mother about her recent book “It’s My Party” about her life.

She discusses her privileged childhood as the granddaughter of IBM founder Thomas J. Watson Sr. Her relationship with her father, Thomas J. Watson Jr. who Fortune Magazine called “the most successful capitalist in history” is discussed. Also discussed is her glamorous mother Olive Watson who dated such luminaries as Howard Hughes and Jack Kennedy.

Mrs. Sanger describes a childhood, and adulthood, where she became increasingly depressed and wrestled with forces she couldn’t understand.

Later she pulled out of this depression and started one of the most famous bookstores in NYC called “Books & Co” which became a Mecca for many famous writer from the 1970s through the 1990’s. Another book was written about this part of her life called “The Life And Times of Jeannette Watson” with an introduction by Woody Allen. She discusses her interaction with celebrities like Andy Warhol and Jackie Onassis.