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Carnegie, Hearst, Kennedy Professor David Nasaw CUNY

Acclaimed best-selling author David Nasaw discusses his books on Andrew Carnegie, William Randolph Hearst, and Joe Kennedy.

The National Security Agency James Bamford

NSA expert and author James Bamford describes the workings of America’s most secret agency.

View From The Top Investing Legend Jim Rogers Discusses Investments

Legendary investor Jim Rogers discusses his contrarian view of the stock market and the state of the world today.

The Taking Of k-129 Josh Dean

The true story of the CIA’s top secret plan to raise a sunken Soviet submarine.

Professor Robert Thurman Columbia University on Buddhism

Professor Thurman discusses his understanding of Buddhism in the interview and why he is such a strong believer. He also discusses the current situation in Tibet and what he sees for the future there, and why he is optimistic.

Hunting Che Felix Rodriguez CIA

Meet the legendary CIA operative who hunted down the famous communist revolutionary Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967.

Operation Garbo Nigel West

Intelligent Talk’s exclusive interview with author and intelligence expert Nigel West. West is a prolific author in this area, and has broken many stories over decades of writing; including the identity of arguably the most famous spy of W W II known as “Garbo” to British Intelligence.

Inside The Gambino Crime Family Michael DiLeonardo

Michael Di Leonardo was a top captain in arguably the most powerful mafia family in the US in the 1980s

Auschwitz Survivor Irene Weiss

Irene Weiss was a teenager when she was sent to Auschwitz in 1944. Part of a huge number of Hungarian Jews numbering close to 500,000 who were sent in 1944.

Jack Garcia FBI

Former FBI Special Agent discusses his years infiltrating the NYC mafia and other investigations.