Killing JFK Former FBI Analyst Farris Rookstool

Farris Rookstool, as a Dallas based FBI Analyst, became an expert on the Kennedy Assassination.

The killing took place in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. Rookstool read all the confidential Government documents relating to the killing before they were (mostly) released to the public. He also interviewed nearly all of the key participants in the case including Oswald’s wife Marina and his friends the De Mohrenschildt’s. Rookstool also helped to prepare the questions for key mafia figures who were questioned by the FBI like Carlos Marcello.

The assassination of JFK is a conspirator’s dream in many respects. It’s also extremely complicated and has many avenues to allege conspiracies.

Oswald had defected to the Soviet Union during the height of the Cold War after being in the US military. He later, while in Russia, married a Russian woman whose uncle was in the KGB. Oswald later goes to New Orleans, after returning to the US with his wife, and hands out literature supporting Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who the US was trying to kill at the time. Also Oswald, after killing JFK, is then himself killed by Jack Ruby who had ties to the mafia himself. The mafia were themselves under assault by Robert Kennedy, JFK’s Attorney General, after they had helped JFK become President through electoral fraud in places like Chicago.

Rookstool goes through the many details of the case. He discusses the substantial evidence linking Oswald to the killing, including a photo of him holding the gun used and signed on the back by Oswald. Rookstool mentions that Oswald not only killed JFK that day but a Dallas police officer too, JD Tippit, before running into a movie theatre where he was arrested after he put up a fight. Finally, he discusses the reasons why the Warren Commission was correct and that Oswald acted alone. This was also the conclusion of JFK’s last surviving brother Sen Teddy Kennedy, and former President Gerald Ford, who was the last surviving member of the Commission.