Hunting Che Felix Rodriguez CIA

Cuban-born CIA operative Felix Rodriguez is one of the most legendary operatives in the history of the CIA. He is the winner of the Intelligence Star for Valor from the CIA. He’s also the winner of the Silver Star from the US military for his service in the Vietnam War. The former South Vietnam Government also awarded him the Gallantry Cross for his service in Vietnam.

Mr. Rodriguez begins the interview by discussing the famous Bay of Pigs landing in April, 1961. This was the US attempt to dislodge Castro by sponsoring Cuban fighters to overthrow him. Although approved by President Eisenhower, President Kennedy took the blame for the execution of the plan for not providing air cover.

Next Mr. Rodriguez discusses the famous Che Operation. This involved the hunting down by Bolivian troops, aided by Rodriguez and the CIA, of famous communist revolution Che Guevara. Guevara’s early life was the subject of the movie “The Motorcycle Diaries” about a trip he took.

The interview then turns to Vietnam where Mr. Rodriguez flew over 300 helicopter missions and was involved in the Phoenix Program.

Finally, there is a discussion of the Iran-Contra scandal. This was President Reagan’s plan to sell arms to Iran and use the proceeds to aid the “freedom fighters” fighting the communists in Nicaragua.