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The Search for Immortal Life Dr. Aubrey de Grey

An interview with Dr. Aubrey de Grey. De Grey is the leading proponent of treating death as a disease to be treated rather then an inevitable part of life.

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Daniel Gordis

Daniel Gordis, author of “Israel : A Concise History of a Nation Reborn” discusses the history of Israel and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The Amazing Story of Castle Itter Stephen Harding

Historian Stephen Harding discusses the amazing battle of Castle Itter. It was the only battle in World War II where German and American military forces fought together.

“The Bridge on the River Kwai” Julie Summers

Author Julie Summers discusses her grandfather Philip Toosey who was the model for the character played by Sir Alex Guinness in the famous 1957 film.

Opposing Duterte Senator Antonio Trillanes

Philippines Senator Antonio Trillanes discusses controversial President Rodrigo Duterte and makes a number of explosive allegations in this revealing interview.

The Life of Nelson Mandela Professor Tom Lodge University of Limerick

A discussion concerning the life of Nelson Mandela with Professor Tom Lodge. Lodge has written a book on Mandela and is an expert on South Africa.

Searching for Amelia Ric Gillespie

A discussion of the legendary pilot Amelia Earhart and the possible solution to the mystery of what happened to her.

Transplant Triumph Donald McRae

A discussion of the race by four surgeons to be the first person to transplant a human heart. The race was won by Dr. Christiaan Barnard of South Africa in 1967.

The Majesty of the Mayans Dr. Richard Hansen University of Utah

Dr. Hansen is the Chief Archeologist of the Mayan site of El Mirador in Guatemala. He discusses his groundbreaking discoveries which proved the Mayans were far more advanced at an earlier time, called the Preclassic period, then had been previously known.

The Rosenstrasse Protest Nathan Stoltzfus Florida State University

Arguably the most successful spontaneous protest in Nazi Germany. This unique protest in February and March of 1943 in Berlin resulted in the release of thousands of Jews by Nazi Germany who were married to Christians.